Introducing the Shellback Tactical Banshee Plate Carrier in A-TACS LE Camo

Shellback_banshee_atacs_le_IMG_9298The BANSHEE Rifle Plate Carrier bt Shellback Tactical was designed to meet and exceed the needs of Law Enforcement, Military, and Private Military operators. This Ultra lightweight, low profile, high quality plate carrier has great load carrying capacity. Designed for protection, utility, mobility in a compact lightweight design. Now it is available in A-TACS LE Camo.

Ideal gear for Law Enforcement patrol officers for use in High Threat active shooter situations, Multi-Assault Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities (MACTAC) and Counter Terrorism direct actions.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) recently approved the Banshee PC and it is on their approved gear list. Available/Approved for individual officer purchase.

The Shoulders on the BANSHEE rifle plate carrier are fully adjustable and padded with a new advanced design feature not seen in other rigs. The shoulder areas once adjusted slides into itself and locks in securely with a hidden quick release buckle. The shoulders have 2 rows of PALS webbing with elastic nylon sewn in between the PALS webbing allowing for comms or hydration tubing.

The front and back of the BANSHEE feature 5 rows of PALS webbing and two 2 inch rows of Loop sewn on for flags and other identifiers. The front and back of the panels of the carrier on the body side are also padded. Rifle plates are loaded from the bottom front/back and secured with a hook/loop closure.

The BANSHEE rifle plate carrier comes standard with a removable cummerbund. Cummerbund runs through the carrier, is fully adjustable (one size fits most) and has PALS webbing on the interior and exterior to accept side plates or other pouches. Also standard is a secondary nylon strap system with quick release buckles (also removable) if the cummerbund is not needed. Both Cummerbund and secondary system integrated on all Banshees. The front pocket of the Carrier has a hook and loop kangaroo type pocket to allow for accessories.

USA Made-Full Berry Compliant and fully backed by thier No Questions asked Lifetime Warranty. For additional information or to purchase, visit them online at www.shellbacktactical.com.

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A-TACS SITREP – Episode 6: Armageddon Gear Introduces Items in A-TACS Camo

Based in the small town of Buena Vista, Georgia, Armageddon Gear is quietly becoming a leading “go-to” source for innovative USA-made tactical gear. Armageddon Gear is a result of the collective ideas of former and current Special Operations Soldiers, competition shooters and Patriots. The Armageddon Gear brand products are designed to be simple, efficient and extremely rugged. Now, Armageddon Gear and A-TACS Camo are proud to announce a full assortment of nylon gear in A-TACS AU and FG Camo patterns.


Starah Manah AK Chest Rig; A-TACS AU or FG Camo

The Armageddon Gear “Starah Manah” AK Chest Rig is designed with the same principles as the Kalashnikov rifle itself; simplicity, durability, and combat-focused performance. The Starah Manah is a modern interpretation of the classic AK chest rig worn around the world for decades. Users can add modular accessory pouches onto the rig’s dual webbing panels left and right. Magazines are held securely by field-replaceable shock cord in a double-layered and reinforced pouch body that is specifically designed for the shape and sharp edges of traditional Kalashnikov magazines. Each pouch features Armageddon Gear’s exclusive Mag-Control geometry to overcome the challenge AK users faced due to the highly curved shape of the 7.62×39 AK magazine. The shape of these magazines forces them to lean over to one side when placed in a straight-walled mag pouch. With Mag-Control pouches these curved magazines are held in a proper vertical position for enhanced ease and speed of removal.  Additionally, the pouch size will also accommodate standard size 30 rd. mags (as pictured) making it the perfect multi-use platform for any situation.


The Armageddon Gear Suppressor Mirage Cover; A-TACS AU or FG Camo

The Armageddon Gear Suppressor Mirage Cover significantly reduces and delays the effects of suppressor mirage on the rifleman’s ability to identify and engage his target. The highly-secure design stays in place during vigorous movement, yet can be easily adjusted or removed in seconds. Note that it is rated for use on bolt-action and semi-automatic precision rifles and is not for use on fully-automatic weapons. The innovative carbon infused insulating inner core ensures NO contact between the A-TACS Camo outer nylon shell and the hot suppressor and the fully adjustable shock cord ensures custom fit and retention.

For more information on these and other products in A-TACS AU and FG Camo now available from Armageddon Gear, visit them online at www.armageddongear.com.


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It’s Friday…Time to Keep Your Favorite Cold Beverage Safe With an A-TACS Camo Beer Bivy From Armageddon Gear!

ag_beer_beer_bivyIMG_9277Keep your ice-cold beers frosty and your trigger fingers warm with the Armageddon Gear Beer Bivy. Available in two sizes to protect cans and bottles* from thermal shift due to atmospheric exposure. Adjustable shock-cord retention keeps the AG Beer Bivy in place during dynamic drinking operations. Now available in A-TACS AU and FG Camo, the Milspec 500D Cordura Nylon shell that provides protection for your sensitive liquids and a positive-gripping surface for your hands without scratching the paintjob on your tailgate or the finish on your Momma’s coffee table. To get yours, visit them online at www.armageddongear.com…Here’s to ya!

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New A-TACS AU and FG Camo Tees From Arizona Camo

az_camo_atacs_IMG_9284Arizona Camo introduces new high-quality t-shirts in both A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG Camo patterns. Cut in a front-pocket design, these shirts feature full A-TACS Camo detailing on the collar. Additionally, these shirts are cut longer and fuller than an average t-shirt of the same size to account for shrinkage that commonly occurs with cotton garments. Simply wash them in cold water and tumble dry a few times for a perfect fit and a length that will actually stay tucked in. Arizona Camo shirts are made in the USA. For more information or to order, visit them online at www.azcamo.com.

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How About Something New in A-TACS Camo?


Stay tuned… more to come!…

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Now Available; The Armageddon Gear Suppressor Mirage Cover In A-TACS FG Camo

The Armageddon Gear Suppressor Mirage Cover significantly reduces and delays the effects of suppressor mirage on the rifleman’s ability to identify and engage his target.
Thieir highly-secure design stays in place during vigorous movement in the field, yet can be easily adjusted or removed in seconds. It is also designed so that no part of the outer Nylon Cordura outer shell makes direct contact with the hot suppressor. An adjustable shock-cord ensures custom fit and retention. Available in A-TACS AU and FG Camo patterns.
Rated for use on bolt-action and semi-automatic precision rifles. Please note that it is not designed for use on fully-automatic weapons.
For more information on dealers or to purchase, visit them online at: www.armageddongear.com.
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Product Feature – The DERMA Plate Carrier from ARES Armor in A-TACS FG Camo

derma_atacs_fg_IMG_9024Ares Armor Product Engineer, Jon Zum, designed the Derma Plate Carrier from first hand experience during multiple combat deployments with inferior issued armored carriers. The exclusive, custom Ares Armor – AustriAlpin COBRA™ Buckles allow for quick donning and removal of the carrier. The triple bungee cummerbund positions plates close to the body projecting a power profile appearance while increasing the amount of coverage provided by plates as compared to bulkier carriers. Lastly, the maritime release reduces the possibility of drowning with its 6-inch pull fall away feature.
The Derma Carrier is an adjustable, low profile, lightweight armor carrier that encompasses the virtue of simplicity. The Derma Plate Carrier will do the following: carry plates and work with Molle Mag Pouches on the side interior and exterior.


Features of the Derma include 1000 D Cordura Construction, custom Ares Armor AustriAlpin COBRA™ Buckle, Loop Velcro on both the front and back, moisture wicking spacer mesh internal, S/M to fit small through medium plates, L/XL to fit large through extra large plates. Available in A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG Camo patterns and made in the USA. Includes the Ares Armor Lifetime Warranty. Optional upgrades include: Shoulder Pads, Plate Carrier Silencers, Kydex and Kangaroo Mag Pouch.

Ares keeps nylon gear in-stock, but great numbers are made to order; therefore Ares Armor tactical nylon items are not listed as live inventory. All Ares Armor tactical gear is handcrafted to meet your tactical needs. To stay in-line with providing superior quality, please allow 2-8 weeks for delivery. For more information on this and other gear available from Ares Armor in A-TACS Camo, visit them online at www.aresarmor.com.



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